Cadbury Unwrapped

We’re unwrapping the brand, meeting the people, and visiting the places that make Cadbury and the products you love, so unique.

Shaped by you

Tastes and attitudes towards chocolate have evolved since Cadbury sold drinking chocolate to our first Irish customer in Dublin in 1842.

A constant throughout Cadbury’s history is a desire to understand what you, our consumers, want and enjoy in chocolate, and how we can delight you time after time.

To illustrate how this remains true today, our Cadbury Unwrapped report identifies the trends shaping chocolate consumption today, and how these have influenced the Cadbury products you love.

This is Cadbury Unwrapped.

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Cadbury Unwrapped Ireland

Learn how we develop and make our products in Ireland, and how innovation is key to our enduring popularity.


Cadbury in Ireland

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Birthplace of Cadbury Twirl

One of Ireland’s favourite bars, the Twirl, was invented in Coolock in 1985

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Supporting Irish Farmers

14,000 cows supply us with 75 million litres of Irish milk every year

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Millions of chocolate bars

We make over 1 million bars of chocolate every day and export to 15 countries

Meet the chocolate families

Three generations of families who have brought joy to the lives of your grandparents, your children, and everyone in between.


Cadbury today, and tomorrow

  • Ever since Cadbury sold drinking chocolate to our first Irish customer in Dublin in 1842, we have created delicious tasting products that delight the nation while supporting the people that work for us and the communities we serve.

    These values shape us, and as we look to the future, we’re committed to staying true to these words, and investing in our Irish footprint.

    In recent years, we have invested over €150 million into our Coolock and Rathmore factories, securing our long-term future in Ireland.  Our factories are now modern, highly efficient, world-class manufacturing operations that produce over 1 million chocolate bars every day.

  • And, importantly to us, the Cadbury Foundation has donated over €500,000 to charities and communities throughout Ireland in past decade, supporting communities and people that need it most.

    But most of all we remained committed to you, our consumers. You have enjoyed our products over two centuries, and we will always ensure that you shape the way we do business and the products we develop.

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